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What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is about creating and using clothes in a
way that is kind to the environment and fair to the people who make them. At Monteh we treat the environment and the living things in it how we want to be treated.

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Fast Fashion Is Getting Faster

Did You Know

That the fast fashion industry is responsible for producing around 10% of global carbon emissions, which is more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Additionally, the production processes involved in fast fashion generate significant amounts of textile waste, with an estimated 92 million tons of clothing ending up in landfills each year

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We trust this correspondence finds you in a state of well-being and positivity. As we navigate the latter segment of 2023, we are pleased to divulge a significant trajectory that Monteh is currently embarking upon. Guided by our longstanding vision and mission, Monteh has consistently strived to offer a platform for emerging designers, educate our patrons about embracing a sustainable lifestyle, and champion the use of biodegradable fabrics in our apparel production. In line with this core philosophy, we are delighted to announce our forthcoming commitment to allocate a substantial portion of our resources to elevate the caliber and aesthetics of our garment offerings.

Our cadre of designers, skilled artisans, and industry experts are diligently collaborating to ensure that each article of clothing resonates with our unyielding pursuit of innovation, endurance, and visual allure. By channeling investments into cutting-edge materials, meticulous artisanship, and an empathetic comprehension of our clientele's requisites, we hold a strong belief that this strategic endeavor will yield products that not only meet, but surpass your anticipations.

Our commitment to excellence transcends the creation of mere garments; it is about crafting experiences that enrich your personal odyssey. Throughout this evolutionary journey, our values of sustainability, ethical conduct, and fostering a sense of interconnectedness remain resolute. We consider apparel as more than mere fabric; it is an extension of one's identity and principles.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering patronage. Your invaluable feedback and insights have profoundly influenced Monteh's evolution, and we are thrilled to embark on this new chapter together.

Kindly remain attuned for updates on our progress and exclusive glimpses of the innovative designs taking form. The horizon for Monteh is aglow with promise, and we eagerly anticipate sharing it with you.

We express our sincerest appreciation for your participation in our journey.



Our company's foremost objective is to provide a platform for emerging fashion designers, nurturing their talents and propelling them into the limelight. Our overarching aim is to extend this endeavor beyond borders, fostering creative growth within diverse African nations. The operational aspects primarily entail virtual engagement, with the selection process commencing through auditions. Successful candidates are integrated into a dedicated WhatsApp group, where comprehensive information pertinent to the competition is dispensed.

This year's thematic challenges encompass a spectrum ranging from Gambian Fashion to Business Wear, Sustainable Fashion, and Avant-Garde creations. Our aspiration is to broaden participants' creative horizons and expose them to multifaceted facets of the fashion industry, an ambition they have adeptly embraced. Notably, Monteh's commitment is palpable through the direct funding of two of the challenges, a tangible testament to our dedication.

Within the realm of fashion, abundant opportunities for diverse careers abound, yet the pivotal hurdle faced by these burgeoning talents is securing financial backing. Rooted in my identity as both a Gambian and a designer, my personal ambition aligns with effecting transformative change by providing tangible support to the youth, thereby catalyzing their pursuit of aspirations.

Mariama Conteh

Why Monteh

Monteh transcends mere identity, embodying a profound ethos. It stands as an homage to The Gambia, situated in West Africa, meticulously shaped by its visionary founder Mariama Conteh. An amalgamation of fashion virtuoso, artistic prowess, and creative ingenuity, Mariama Conteh is the bedrock upon which Monteh was officially established in December 2021.

The landmark of our journey was inaugurated in 2021 with the commencement of Monteh's Young Fashion Designers Fashion Show in The Gambia. Our primary aspiration rests in the cultivation of budding fashion talents within The Gambia, fostering their evolution into enterprising luminaries of the industry. This annual sartorial competition serves as an inspirational platform, each iteration marked by distinctive and impactful prizes that galvanize the laureates' progress.

Noteworthy is our commitment to inclusivity, as aspiring designers who fall short of the top accolades are accorded a second chance. In the subsequent year, they are welcomed back to partake in the tapestry of our show, thus exemplifying our dedication to nurturing talent with unwavering support.

Integral to our blueprint is the conscientious allocation of proceeds from the event. These funds are meticulously channeled into a dedicated account, earmarked for the realization of a future vision: the establishment of an educational studio. Within its sanctum, seasoned mentors will impart the knowledge and acumen required to navigate the intricate path of self-employment, unburdened by financial constraints.

Monteh is not a mere entity; it is an embodiment of empowerment, a tribute to culture, and a beacon of creativity poised to illuminate the trajectories of aspiring fashion magnates within The Gambia and beyond.

Article Series

Every month we post an article that encourages people to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Our goal is not to bash, but to educate, and encorage our consumers and everyone else to participate in creating a sustainable world.

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