Trench Coat Collection Available October 26th

In alignment with the ongoing debate surrounding faux suede and real suede, our company is committed to addressing these concerns responsibly and proactively. In this spirit, we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new Trench Coat Collection, which includes items made from faux suede fabric.

Understanding the complexities of the environmental and animal rights dilemmas surrounding suede materials, we acknowledge that while faux suede offers a more eco-friendly and animal-friendly alternative, it is not without its limitations. As we strive to meet the highest standards of ethics and sustainability, our commitment to continuous improvement remains unwavering.

In our pursuit of a more eco-friendly and ethical approach, we are actively researching and exploring innovative materials and sustainable practices. Once we identify a fabric that aligns with our values and meets the stringent criteria for both environmental sustainability and animal welfare, we will promptly replace the faux suede sections in our designs.

At our core, we believe in responsible and conscious fashion that respects both the environment and animal rights. We look forward to sharing our journey as we work towards providing our customers with trench coats that reflect these values while maintaining the style and quality you expect from our brand. Together, we can make a positive impact on the fashion industry and contribute to a more sustainable and ethical future.

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